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Sports Body was formed in 2007. Since then we have treated many injured patients from many walks of life. Sports therapy is not just for the benefit of elite athletes, but for anyone that is unable to perform to the best of their ability, due to being restricted through injury. Here some of our patients share their experiences.


I was totally baffled by weeks of excruciating knee pain that only seemed to start after I had been running for 20 minutes. I feared for my participation in the Great South Run 2 weeks away. Following two treatment sessions and carrying out the prescribed exercise programme, I not only completed the run, but took 20 minutes off my personal best. Awesome!
- Julie Harland

Kilimanjaro Conqueror

After suffering from Achilles tendon pain for 6 weeks and having tried using ice packs and gel heel supports without success. Just before setting off for climbing Kilimanjaro I contacted Garry who used kinesiology tape to alleviate my symptoms. Whilst looking very colourful it was amazing, I managed to climb up to the 5,895m summit with no pain, and the tape stayed in place. Don’t know how, but it really works.
- Caroline Buckingham

Damaged Neck Joint

A skiing accident left me with a very painful stiff neck and shoulder. I thought like most problems I had previously experienced it would eventually go away. When after a few weeks there was no sign of it improving and the discomfort was stopping me from riding my horse, I relented and decided to visit the clinic. I am so pleased I did as I had damaged a joint in my neck. Following that first treatment I immediately felt so much better, and after a couple of follow up sessions I was back to normal and riding out again.
- Claire Valvona

Muscle Spasms

When I first visited the clinic taking pain killers had become the norm to keep me going. My job is very physical, repetitive and demanding, causing my back to repeatedly go into muscle spasm. After a course of treatments to address my problem and by doing the exercises that I was given, I have been able to strengthen my back and recognise when a problem is about to occur.
- Peter Higgins

Shoulder Injury

A shoulder injury Id had for 18 months that just wouldnt go away was my first experience of the clinic. The last straw was when it gave way as I was trying to lift a heavy pan off the stove. I was soon put at ease though, as you explained it was common for people to come in with old injuries that had just not got better. After only three treatment sessions and carrying out the progressive exercise programme you set me I could feel the improvement. It was only then the realisation of how bad I had let things get struck me. Never again, any problems and I am on the phone booking an appointment!
- Jo Clapham

Rugby Player

Like most rugby players I have had my fair share of injuries, Garry from Sports Body has been treating me since he travelled to South Africa as the Sports Therapist with my Touring Rugby team. I always return to Sports Body when I have an injury as I am confident of getting the best possible treatment.
- Chris Hodges